The pharmacology of cell differentiation

On October 12-15, 1992, in Majorca, the Esteve Foundation organized the international symposium The pharmacology of cell differentiation, where general and specific mechanisms involved in the inter- and intra-cellular systems related to the transduction of signals involved in cell growth and development were explored. This scientific meeting was coordinated by R.A. Rifkind, from the Sloan-Kettering… 1992

Memory pharmacology

Prof. Iván Izquierdo, from the Memory Center of the Institute of Biosciences of the Federal University of Río Grande do Sul, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, imparted the lecture Memory pharmacology at the Royal Academy of Pharmacy on June 2, 1992. Iván Izquierdo is considered as one of the most qualified experts in the field of… 1992

Terapéutica y calidad de vida

Therapeutics and quality of life was the central topic of the round table organized by the Esteve Foundation on May 5, 1992 in Barcelona. The objective: to improve the patients’ quality of life. Mª. V. Camps, from the Department of Ethics of the Faculty of Philosophy of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and Milagros Pérez-Oliva,… 1992