3rd edition – Alicante, April, 13-14 2016

Audiovisual format is becoming increasingly more important both in obtaining resources for research and for scientific dissemination, particularly if it reaches the target public in an attractive, contemporary and understandable way. This new course from Fundación Esteve intends to set the basis on how to communicate scientific projects by recording and editing short, simple and…


14th edition – Barcelona, April, 6-7 2016

If standing up and speaking in front of an audience is a source of anxiety, the stress is heightened even more when the official language of the conference, meeting or congress is English. On the 6th and 7th of April 2016, the Esteve Foundation organized in Barcelona with the IRB Barcelona a new edition of…


Una biopsia para diagnosticar precozmente el párkinson

El estudio de una glándula de la boca permite detectar una proteína presente en las neuronas de las personas que padecen esta dolencia JESSICA MOUZO QUINTÁNS / NOTICIA MATERIA Apenas dos milímetros de glándula submandibular, situada en la parte posterior de la boca, bastan para detectar el párkinson de forma precoz en pacientes que aún…