Libros de médicos

GONZALO CASINO / @gonzalocasino / / Sobre las afición literaria de los clínicos y su comprensión analítica y narrativa Los médicos escriben mucho, y no solo recetas y literatura científica. También ensayos, divulgación y ficción. Entre las figuras emergentes, una de las más notables es el oncólogo hindú-estadounidense  Siddhartha Mukherjee, que ganó en 2011 el Pulitzer de no… 2017

Health care in crisis situations

Today, almost 80 million people need humanitarian aid as a result of natural disasters and armed conflict. It is calculated that approximately four million people have lost their lives in the past two decades because of these causes, and over 1,000 million people have been affected in different ways. The mobility and intervention of health…

33rd edition – Córdoba, June, 20-21 2017

When speaking in front of an audience, only 15% of what actually reaches the public corresponds to the spoken message. In contrast, more than half the information retained by listeners lies in nonverbal communication. Indeed, the lecturer’s posture, gesture and eye gaze tell a lot more on how he/she feels than mere words. These courses…

9th edition – Madrid, June, 13-14 2017

If drawing up a research project to obtain funds used to be an important part in the career of all scientists, in view of today's economical situation, this process has become essential. The Esteve Foundation therefore decided to organize a new course addressed to future health science researchers, to learn the techniques and basic skills… 2017

El beure i les seves circumstàncies

GONZALO CASINO / @gonzalocasino / / Sobre les dificultats i prejudicis per analitzar el problema de l'alcohol i la salut Hi ha pocs assumptes sobre l’estil de vida i la salut tan difícils de considerar objectivament com el consum d’alcohol. La dificultat no està a reconèixer els riscos de l’abús agut i, sobretot, del consum crònic, ja que… 2017

5th edition – Oviedo, June, 7-8 2017

Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is a learning method in line with the directives of the creation the European Higher Education Area and the approach of the Bologna Declaration, which require that the teaching-learning process facilitates the development of skills, so that students are more autonomous in managing learning. This teaching-learning process focusing on the student, underlines… 2017

El cuento del superchocolate

GONZALO CASINO / @gonzalocasino / / Sobre la perturbadora mitificación de los alimentos elaborados con cacao La proliferación de investigaciones sobre los efectos beneficiosos del chocolate para la salud no es nada sorprendente, y todavía lo es menos que sus resultados se difundan de inmediato. El chocolate es un alimento muy apreciado y placentero, que tiene una historia… 2017