2nd edition – San Lorenzo de El Escorial, March, 23-24 2006

The Esteve Foundation initiates the new seminaries on how to perform oral presentations in biomedicine by holding its first two editions in Barcelona (December 15 and 16, 2005) and Madrid (March 23 and 24, 2006). As with the courses on how to write a scientific article –with five editions to its credit already– these seminaries are intended to complement the training of healthcare providers in the biomedical areas.

The purpose of these courses is to set the ground rules of oral presentation by approaching general aspects on biomedical presentations, presentation strategies, their construction or preparation, and their proper execution. Accordingly, both the strictly scientific aspects of the oral presentation’s content and the formal aspects regarding verbal expression, voice regulation and body language, among others, will be approached. These courses will be conducted by four teachers –two for scientific training and two with experience as actors.

The seminary is primarily directed to postgraduates in biomedical sciences (medicine, pharmacy, biology, nursery, veterinary, physiotherapy, chemistry, etc.) with little or no experience in the oral presentation of outcomes. The course, however, may prove useful to people with some experience who wish to extend their knowledge, practice and improve oral presentation skills.

The course will have a duration of two days, with morning and afternoon sessions from 9 am to 6.30 pm, scheduled as follows:

First day

1. The keys of body language.
2. Planning and deciding the strategy of a presentation.
3. Constructing and executing a presentation (1).
4. Exercises on several communication techniques.

Second day

5. Constructing and executing a presentation (2).
6.Practical exercises for the execution of the presentation.