Edición especial - Manresa, 29 de febrero y 1 de marzo de 2012

Special edition – Manresa, February 29-March 1 2012

The 24th edition of these training seminars to provide the basic skills and techniques to write and publish scientific articles in health sciences was held on February-29/March-1 2012 at Fundació Caixa Manresa auditorium. Esteve Fernandez, editor of Gaceta Sanitaria from 2004 to 2010, andXavier Fuentes, from Bellvitge’s Hospital, conducted some fifty students the methodology of these training… 2012

Science Café on Vaccines

Vaccination is a way to activate the immune system and prevent serious illness and even death. Vaccines teach our body how to defend against an invasion by pathogens. In this second Science Café on Immunology, attendees discussed how vaccines work, their safety, and if some of them should be mandatory to ensure public health. The… 2012

16th edition – Salamanca, February, 2-3 2012

When speaking in front of an audience, only 15% of what actually reaches the public corresponds to the spoken message. In contrast, more than half the information retained by listeners lies in nonverbal communication. Indeed, the lecturer’s posture, gesture and eye gaze tell a lot more on how he/she feels than mere words. These courses… 2012

23ª edición - Granollers, 24 y 25 de enero de 2012

23rd edition – Granollers, January, 24-25 2012

The 23rd edition of these training seminars to provide the basic skills and techniques to write and publish scientific articles in health sciences was held on January 24-25 2012 at Granoller's Hospital. Esteve Fernandez, editor of Gaceta Sanitaria from 2004 to 2010, andAna Maria Garcia, editor of Archivos de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales, conducted some twenty students the… 2012

8th edition – Salamanca, January, 18-19 2012

That was the eighth training seminar for members of the Spanish Research Ethics Committees organised by the Esteve Foundation in Spain. It was held in Salamanca, January 18-19 2012. Dr. Josep-E. Baños (Department of Experimental and Health Sciences, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona) and Dr. Maria Isabel Lucena (Department of Pharmacology, University of Malaga) were the teachers and coordinators of… 2012

Scientific Coffee about Autoimmunity

What is autoimmunity? What makes my immune system react against my own body? Are autoimmune diseases on the increase? Do external factors influence the development of these autoimmune diseases? These were some of the issues that were discussed at the first Science Café organized by the Catalan Society of Immunology in collaboration with Esteve Foundation.… 2011

1st edition – Madrid, 16-17, Novembrer 2011

The various debates organized by the Esteve Foundation between scientists and journalists always highlighted one weakness in science journalism: lack of communication between both parties. The range of specialized courses in science for journalists is extensive, however, we cannot say that the reverse is true. Medical personnel from both the field of research and the… 2011

4th edition – Salamanca, November, 4-5 2011

English remains one of the outstanding issues yet to be resolved among health professionals. Although 90% of biomedical English is Greek or Latin in origin, pronunciation and other aspects such as prepositions or prepositional verbs are the main problem areas for Spanish scientists. For that reason, on November 4-5, 2011, the Esteve Foundation launched the fourth edition… 2011

Remyelination. From biology to therapy

The loss of myelin as a result of diseases such as multiple sclerosis causes serious nervous system disorders, where electrical impulses are not conducted with sufficient speed or stop in the middle of axons. This is what is meant by demyelination. However, sometimes this process can be accompanied by aspontaneous regenerative response in which new… 2011