Computer application to drug design

As from the very first year of the Esteve Foundation, a close collaboration began with the Catalan Society of Pharmacology regarding the celebration of inaugural lectures of their courses. This collaboration has been maintained year after year. The first of these lectures was imparted at the inauguration of the Academic Year 1984-1985, under the title…


Drug-protein binding

The first international symposium organized by the Esteve Foundation, held on October 15-17, 1984, was born with the purpose of reuniting several experts on drug-protein binding in order to discuss the biological bases and the biochemical mechanisms of binding, as well as their involvement in a number of diseases. Indeed, the different degree of binding…


The pharmaceutical revolution forty years later

In 1984, the Esteve Foundation started one of the activities that were to be repeated year after year: the annual lectures at the Royal Academy of Pharmacy. This type of activity was first performed on June 7, 1984, when Prof. Louis Lasagna, from the Center for the study of drug development, lectured on The pharmaceutical…