Other activities

In addition to its fixed activities, the Esteve Foundation cooperates with other institutions in the performance of different projects. While these activities are not included in customary references, they are usually published by other means to ensure disclosure.


The Esteve Foundation, at the 6th European Congress of Pharmacology

La Fundación Dr. Antonio Esteve estuvo presente en el encuentro sobre farmacología más importante de Europa, el que organiza la EPHAR (Federation of European Pharmacological Societies) y que durante cuatro días promueve la comunicación científica entre farmacólogos de todo el continente. El sexto European Congress of Pharmacology recaló por primera vez en España y lo hizo del…


Basic principles in Immunology: Immune-Mediated Diseases

The new advances in understanding the molecular and cellular bases of immune response opened a new era in the diagnosis and treatment of immune-mediated diseases. On June 14th, 2012, in Barcelona, the Caprese organization (within their training program Aula Ergos), in collaboration with the Esteve Foundation, organized a workshop on basic principles in immunology: immune-mediated…


Science Café on transplants

What causes a transplanted organ to be rejected? Can rejection be avoided? What is a compatible donor? Is there such a thing as completely compatible organs? These were some of the questions posed at the Science Café on Transplantation, the fourth and final café organized by by the Catalan Society of Immunology in collaboration with…

Contributions to Medical Education from Scientific Foundations

The Esteve Foundation participated in the 1st Meeting of Residents in Anesthesiology, organized by the Catalan Society of Anesthesiology, Resuscitation and Pain Therapy, held on May 4th, 2012, at the Hotel Torre Catalunya in Barcelona. The meeting consisted of presentations and contributions on education in medicine. After a review of the different training options open…


Science Café on Allergies

Why do people have allergies? Are they proliferating? Do they have a genetic component? Can they be cured? These were just some of the questions posed at the third Science Café on Immunology organized by the Catalan Society of Immunology in collaboration with Dr. Antonio Esteve Foundation and a team of young researchers BIOcomuniCA’T. An…