Special collaboration: Scientific writing and editing (2002)

The publisher of¬†Annals of Epidemiology, Prof. Richard Rothenberg, imparted the course¬†Scientific Writing and Editing¬†in the 13th edition of the Summer School of Public Health in Ma√≥ (Minorca) on September 18-20. This Professor of the Emory University School of Medicine also discussed aspects of scientific writing, i.e. the commonest errors involved in writing a study, or…


Special collaboration: Center of Terminology of Catalonia: Terms of clinical research with medicinal products (2001)

Many terms in the field of medicinal products do not have a correct, normalized translation into Catalan. These terms are usually translated literally and incorrectly from English, or lack homogeneous, unifying criteria. Accordingly, an agreement was reached between the Esteve Foundation and¬†TERMCAT¬†(Center of Catalan Terminology, created by the¬†Institut d’Estudis Catalans) to warrant the correct extension…