The origins and shaping of modern anti-infective therapy

The germ theory of disease was initiated in the 19th century by Louis Pasteur. Lord Lister promoted the idea of antisepsis while Semmelweis focused on hand washing identifying the spread of infection by objects (in this case contaminated hands) moving from infected patient to uninfected ones. This gave the conceptual basis for infectious disease and… 2014

Pharmacotherapy Revisited

The Pharmacotherapy Revisited republish as facsimiles documents which played a fundamental role in the development of the various branches of this medical specialty. The documents are selected by experts from the different disciplines. The Pharmacotherapy Revisited are distributed free of charge to university libraries and research institutions throughout Spain. You can order a hard copy of the… 2014


The Esteve Foundation Notebooks may include either a series of articles published in a scientific journal which –with the copyright owner’s permission– are intended to be diffused elsewhere or, for example, the content of a meeting not directly organized by the Foundation that otherwise might find difficulties in being published. These booklets also gather the content of…


The content of Dr. Antonio Esteve’s Monographs is usually related with the submissions and discussions of the round tables organized by the Foundation. Some special issues gather other types of material, e.g. a pharmacologists’ glossary or a monograph on translation and language in medicine. The Dr. Antonio Esteve's Monographs are distributed free of charge to university libraries…

Esteve Foundation Symposia

Esteve Foundation symposia are published by an independent publishing house, Elsevier, in a specially formatted collection which is on sale in scientific bookshops worldwide. While the Foundation obtains no profit on sales, a small number of copies is provided by the publishing house and distributed to the participants, to certain libraries and to scientists with…

Articles and others

This section contains all publications and articles subsequent to an activity or publication from the Esteve Foundation that do not fit customary publishing formats. They may include articles published in different biomedical journals or in the media, or documents with final conclusions of activities like seminars or workgroups. You can order a hard copy of the publication…

A science education project: the translation into Catalan and publication of the book Your Amazing Immune System – How it Protects Your Body

Despite the importance of immunology and immune system function for understanding how the human body deals with infection, little has been done to educate the general public about these subjects. For this reason, in 2010 the Esteve Foundation collaborated with the Societat Catalana d'Immunologia (SCI, Catalan Immunology Society) and the European Federation of Immunological Societies… 2013