Eponímia mèdica catalana II

An eponym (from the Greek, eponymos, meaning “appointed by” or “a because of”), according to Diccionario Enciclopédico de Medicina, is the name given to a disease, symptom, anatomical accident, intervention, etc., derived from the person who is credited with the discovery or description first. Following the publication of the first volume in 2004, Josep-Eladi Bañosand Elena Guardiola, from… 2011

La información científica en los telediarios españoles

Following the sequencing of the human genome, the SARS outbreak and therapeutic cloning, the debates on science journalism organized by the Esteve Foundation this time focused on an unpublished study on major Spanish television channels’ coverage of scientific news. This research was carried out by the Group for Advanced Study of Communication at theUniversidad Rey… 2010