Atención al paciente oncológico desde la perspectiva de enfermería

Although cancer is a priority in scientific forums and meetings, the issue has rarely been addressed from the perspective of one of the groups most involved in cancer patient care, nurses. This new monograph by the Esteve Foundation reflects the experience of different health professionals in the treatment of cancer patient, focusing primarily on the… 2010

Presentaciones orales en biomedicina

In 2005, the Esteve Foundation launched a new Training seminar on how to make a good oral presentation in the field of biomedicine. This new booklet brings together for the first time in Spanish some general recommendations that should be considered in order to make a good oral communication in the scientific field. The communication… 2010

Guide to the Medicinal Plants of Maghreb

The phenomenon of immigration has presented a challenge for health professionals, not only regarding communication problems, but also in relation to the traditional customs for the treatment of diseases prevalent in the countries of origin. A large percentage of immigrants to Spain come from the Maghreb, where the use of medicinal plants in folk medicine… 2010

Els misteris del sistema immunitari. Com protegeix el nostre cos

In 2008, The Japanese Immunology Foundation published a book to help young people aged 10 to 14 years better understand the functioning of the immune system. After being impressed by its educational potential, European researchers decided to finance an English translation of the book. Your Amazing immune system was published in 2009 by the European… 2010