Aportaciones de los estudios funcionales a la investigación farmacológica básica

Full document Full PDF A. Badia [wpdm id=1140 type="btn"] Chapters Introducción A. Badia [wpdm id=1141 type="btn"] 1. Nuevos métodos funcionales para el estudio de la interacción fármaco-receptor M.D. Ivorra y P. D’Ocón [wpdm id=1142 type="btn"] 2. Actividad vasodilatadora del trans-resveratrol en la aorta torácica aislada de rata: una clara evidencia de sus efectos cardioprotectores F.… 2008

Cómo elaborar folletos de salud destinados a los pacientes

Full document Entire document M.B. Mayor [wpdm id=447 type="btn"] Chapters Introducción M.B. Mayor [wpdm id=448 type="btn"] 1. Factores extralinguísticos de los folletos de salud M.B. Mayor [wpdm id=449 type="btn"] 2. Cómo elaborar un folleto de salud: Recomendaciones M.B. Mayor [wpdm id=451 type="btn"] 3. Actividades de aprendizaje M.B. Mayor [wpdm id=452 type="btn"] Apéndice 1: Resumen de… 2008

Ibáñez C. Una fundación, una artista. 2008

A foundation, an artist is a collection of original engravings by Concha Ibáñez, created on the occasion of the different activities of the Esteve Foundation during its first 25 years. INTERVIEW TO CONCHA IBÁÑEZ (19 December 2007) Born in Canet de Mar (Barcelona), this engraving artist studied at La Lonja and at Barcelona’s Academy of… 2008

Doce mujeres en la biomedicina del siglo XX

This new publication by the Esteve Foundation compiles the scientific submissions and the biographies of twelve top-rank female scientists. However, this publication is not merely a collection of the findings that made them become part of the history of medicine –seven of them were Nobel prize winners– but also an account of the obstacles they had… 2007

Morales P, Bosch F. Hechos históricos de las sulfamidas divulgados por la prensa: el caso de ‘The New York Times’. Medicina Clínica 2007; 128:660-664

Sulphamides, the first drugs to be effective against a number of infectious diseases, arrived in the thirties to revolutionize the treatment of these conditions, until then highly fatal. This article, published in the journal Medicina Clínica, describes these drugs by way of pieces of information published throughout their history. This work compiles some of the… 2007