La proyección social del medicamento

A society like ours, where drug self-consumption is increasing steadily, must analyze the relationship between these drugs and the population, as well as its possible consequences. Social pharmacology is the discipline that analyzes the impact of social and cultural factors on the use and effects of drug products. This is precisely the content of this… 2007

Molecular biology and pharmacology of tissue repair

Diseases associated with impaired tissue repair are common clinical problems. Therefore, the elucidation of the molecular basis of normal and impaired repair will help to define new therapeutic targets to alleviate and eventually cure these illnesses. Furthermore, recent studies have revealed remarkable similarities between tissue repair and cancer at the cellular and molecular level. Thus,… 2007

Reflexiones sobre la formación en investigación y desarrollo de medicamentos

Despite the enormous potential of the European Union for scientific innovation on account of its Science of Excellence and educational experience, the true fact is that the discovery of new drugs in the Old Continent has diminished over the past few years. Among other factors, this delay could be attributed to both a deceleration and lessened… 2007

Redacción científica en biomedicina: lo que hay que saber

Publish or perish. This is the maxim whereby scientists are compelled to publish the results of their investigations if they are to achieve relevance in their professional environment. In fact, it is said that no research is over until it is written down on paper. However, despite the importance of publication in the career of… 2007

Jornada sobre investigación en el ámbito clínico

The dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy defines a hospital as “a facility intended for the diagnosis and treatment of patients, as well as for research and teaching”. The definition of the term itself, therefore, includes intrinsically what is still common practice in our country: research and teaching in healthcare centers are relegated to a secondary… 2006

Jornada sobre periodismo biomédico

For some time now, biomedical journalism has been facing a number of changes and challenges which, to say the least, are forcing it to review its objectives and raison d’être. Commonplace as it may be, the irruption of the Internet has shaken the foundations of this journalistic specialty, and of the whole media. Even so, the… 2006

Entre la ciencia y el crimen: Mateu Orfila y la toxicología en el siglo XIX

Mateu Josep Bonaventura Orfila i Rotger (1787-1853) was a well-known figure in European medical circles in the nineteenth century. His active participation in famous poisoning trials meant that his name echoed far beyond the boundaries of the academic community, and even appeared in novels, plays, films, and popular biographies. Orfila combined his forensic research and laboratory work… 2006