Pharmacokinetics: Development of an exquisitely practical science

Around 30 articles which contributed in an exceptional manner to the huge progress of pharmacokinetics are included in the second volume of Pharmacotherapy Revisited: an Esteve Foundation Series, under the title Pharmacokinetics: development of an exquisitely practical science. This time, the most relevant articles were selected by Patrick du Souich, from the Department of Pharmacology… 1999

Glosario de investigación clínica y epidemiológica

This monograph compiles more than 700 entries that offer a wide spectrum of concepts –ranging from pharmacology and statistics to ethics and epidemiology– in an attempt to provide a dictionary of research methodology to Research Committee and Clinical Research Ethics Committee members of very different origin, as well as to any healthcare provider with an… 1998

Problemas y controversias en torno al ensayo clínico

Clinical trials have become paradigms of the scientific method applied in the clinical field. Accordingly, this monograph number 22 raises some of the most problematic and controversial aspects regarding a method which, over the years, has increased its importance in present medicine. This method has added sophistication with the enforcement of Good Clinical Practice Regulations or Standard Operating… 1998

Medicina y medios de comunicación. Traducción al español de una serie publicada en ‘The Lancet’

Medicine and the Media gathers a series of articles published in The Lancet about the conflicts that arise when the two disciplines –science and journalism– converge and lead to sometimes difficult and unsatisfactory relationships. The aspects analyzed were: news value, sources and the issue of scientific fraud, the influence and power of the media, how medical TV programs… 1997

Traducción y lenguaje en medicina

The richness of the medical language is too often disturbed by scientific writing and translation. Dr. Fernando Navarro, a trained clinical pharmacologist, has wide experience in the difficult task of translation. The monograph Translation and Language in Medicine gathers some of the articles published by Dr. Navarro in Medicina Clínica, which relate to linguistic conflicts that often impair… 1997

The clinical pharmacology of sport and exercise

As antidoping controls have gained wide repercussion in the media on account of their performance in great contests, much talk has ensued regarding the misuse of drugs in sports. However, there is little discussion about the true effect of medicinal products on physical performance or about whether evidence of all possible drug-related effects on exercise… 1997

Clinical pharmacology through the pen of Louis Lasagna

Dr. Louis Lasagna’s contribution to fostering clinical pharmacology is unquestionable. After graduating from Rutgers University in 1943 and earning his doctor’s degree four years later from Columbia University, Dr. Lasagna revolutionized the world of medicinal products. As from the mid-fifties, he investigated the influence of the placebo effect in the efficacy of drugs by means… 1997