Fármacos y conducción de vehículos

The harmful effects of alcohol on driving are a recurring topic. In fact, the prevention measures applied by the authorities are exclusively directed to the detection of this substance in drivers. Medicinal products are of course not the main factor for accidentability. However, the availability of drugs that do not interfere with driving is of… 1996

Bases de datos en farmacología y terapéutica

The apparition and use of computer databases meant a revolution at all levels of pharmacological research, from the molecular design of medicinal products to the assessment of their aspects in human populations, not to mention basic aspects like the fast, convenient access to results of already performed investigations. Database functions and advantages in pharmacology and… 1996

Farmacología de los canales iónicos

This monograph, resulting from a round table held in Barcelona in 1994 and including 11 submissions, is focused on ion channels, their pharmacology and their therapeutic potential for the prevention, relief or cure of diseases. The meeting and this publication included the contributions of scientists involved in medical chemistry and in the development of new… 1995

The pharmacology of sexual function and dysfunction

How can pharmacology contribute to clinically improve a number of existing sexual problems? Also, what are the repercussions on the sexual function secondary to the use of drugs for the treatment of other diseases? Professional researchers in the field of sexual pharmacology gathered in an international symposium organized by the Esteve Foundation to contribute their… 1995

El tratamiento del dolor: del laboratorio a la clínica

Modern medicine usually dedicates more effort to curative treatment than to the relief of the symptoms that accompany the disease. An insufficient treatment leading to unnecessary suffering is frequently the case. Several basic scientists, clinical researchers and doctors gathered for a round table discussion organized by the Esteve Foundation in 1993 to foster dialog between… 1994

Investigación sobre cáncer en España de la biología molecular a la clínica

A number of Spanish cancer researchers from different disciplines held a round table in 1993, organized by the Esteve Foundation, where an overview of the type of oncologic research performed in Spain was obtained. The topics developed included multiple aspects: epidemiology, intracellular mechanisms of cell proliferation, applications of molecular biology to clinical diagnosis, experimental models,… 1994