Perspectivas terapéuticas en la esclerosis múltiple

One of the diseases affecting the central nervous system that most interests the scientific community is multiple sclerosis. Although it was described by Charcot more than a century ago, many aspects of this disease remain unsolved. It is still a condition of unknown etiology and difficult diagnosis, whose evolution is often unpredictable and which lacks… 1989

Tratamiento de datos en farmacología

In this Dr. Antonio Esteve’s Monograph, some of the aspects related to the quantitative analysis of results in pharmacology, as submitted by different Spanish scientists in a round table held in Barcelona in May 1988, are reviewed and updated. Topics like the analysis of the response to agonistic drugs, receptor binding and discrimination studies or… 1989

Dose-response relationships in clinical pharmacology

The third international symposium organized by the Esteve Foundation resulted in this new publication of the Esteve Foundation Symposia series, focusing on the dose-response relationship in clinical pharmacology. Professors Lasagna, Erill and Naranjo edited the book gathering the different submissions and their respective discussions. Finding a clear relationship between the dose or concentration of a… 1989

Investigación básica y medicina clínica

The objective of this monograph, which gathers the submissions and discussions of a round table held in Barcelona in 1987, was to introduce recently graduated doctors to the links between basic research and clinical practice. For that purpose, a series of researchers that combined both tasks disclosed the investigational work done. The objective was no… 1988

Bases del tratamiento de las intoxicaciones agudas

Acute poisoning has two peculiar characteristics: the great diversity of possible toxic agents and the necessity of immediate treatment for it to be useful. That is why Antitoxic Centers –with a whole chapter dedicated in this monograph– are so important. Other aspects are also analyzed, like the introductory topic (Acute poisoning in Spain. Incidence and… 1988

Aspectos biológicos de los síndromes depresivos

Depressive syndromes are probably the most destructive group of mental diseases in terms of incidence, mortality and economic cost. Given our society’s conditions, this situation is not likely to change. This monograph results from the round table held in Barcelona in 1987, where some biological aspects of depressive syndromes in the light of the monoaminergic… 1988

Un glosario para farmacólogos

This translation into Spanish of A Pharmacologists' Glossary, by Desmond Laurence, professor of Pharmacology and Therapeutics of the University College of London and I.C. Shaw, professor of Toxicology of the same university, is a useful tool. Rather than a thorough compilation of the huge quantity of terms and definitions that form today’s pharmacological vocabulary, this glossary attempts to… 1987