Bioethics and Biomedical Ethics is the systematic study of human conduct in the area of life sciences and healthcare, insofar as this conduct is examined in the light of moral values and principles [Encyclopedia of Bioethics of Joseph and Rose Kennedy Institute, 1978].


American Society for Bioethics and Humanities (ASBH):

The American Society for Bioethics and Humanities was founded in 1998 from the consolidation of three existing associations in the field. It encourages informed concern for human values to health professionals, encouraging discussion and ideas exchanging about bioethics. Furthermore, the ASBH is encouraged to enhance research in bioethics and to promote teaching for the development of new scholars and participants in the field.


European Association of Centres of Medical Ethics (EACME):

The European Association of Centres of Medical Ethics is an international network of academic and non-academic centres founded in 1985. It aims to promote research, education and consultation in the field of (bio)-medical ethics by way of exchange of information, support of students, teachers and researchers, and organisation of annual conferences.


Spanish Bioethics Commitee (CBE):

The Bioethics Committee of Spain was established in 2008 under the 14/2007 Law. On the one hand, this commitee establishes the general principles for the development of codes of good practice in scientific research and it represents Spain in both supranational and international forums and organizations involved in Bioethics. On the other hand, it aims to issue reports, proposals and provide recommendations for ethical aspects and social implications of Health Sciences to the government.


Borja Bioethics Institute (IBB):

The Borja Bioethics Institute was founded in 1976 by Dr Francesc Abel i Fabre. Its main objective is to analyze ethical issues raised by biomedical progress and its impact on society and their value systems. It also aims to disseminate extracted results in specialized publications.


Catalonia Bioethics Commitee (CBC):

The Catalonia Bioethics Commitee is a commitee responsible for developing clinical ethical guidelines for healthcare professionals. On the one hand, it issues reports and ethical positions raised from research advances in health sciences. On the other hand, it organizes events to disseminate bioethics knowledge; giving recommendations and promoting training in this field for both health professionals and citizens.


The Bioethics and Law Observatory of the University of Barcelona (OBD): 

The Bioethics and Law Observatory (OBD) is a research centre of the University of Barcelona which carries out its activity through interdisciplinary and secularist viewpoints. Its members understand that bioethics is a field of knowledge that requires plural approaches and solid scientific bases to discuss the ethical, legal and social implications of biotechnology and biomedicine. The aim is to provide arguments and proposals to encourage autonomy and responsibility in bioethical decisions that result in the construction of a more transparent and democratic society.


The Víctor Grifols i Lucas Foundation:

The Víctor Grifols i Lucas foundation was established in 1998 to encourage bioethics dialogue between specialists from different areas of knowledge. The foundation aims to promote and an ethical behaviour among organisms, companies and people whose activity is related to human health. For that reason, it offers a discussion platform as a meeting place to discuss different topics related with ethics of life.