Bertomeu JR, Nieto A. Chemistry, Medicine, and Crime. Mateu J.B. Orfila (1787-1853) and his times. Science History Publications, Watson Publishing International 2006

Mateu Josep Bonaventura Orfila i Rotger (1787-1853) was a well-known figure in European medical circles in the nineteenth century. His active participation in famous poisoning trials meant that his name echoed far beyond the boundaries of the academic community, and even appeared in novels, plays, films, and popular biographies. Orfila combined his forensic research and… 2006

Debates sobre periodismo científico. En torno a la cobertura informativa del SARS

In 2003, information on Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) was widely diffused in the media. The alarm spread on a possible global pandemic worldwide, particularly since the World Health Organization (WHO) made the unprecedented decision to warn against traveling to Western cities like Toronto. At that moment, SARS changed from being an isolated fact in… 2006

From clinical research to clinical pharmacology

Modern clinical researchers, and in particular those involved in clinical trials, are completely knowledgeable with the concepts of comparators, double blind, randomization, placebos, statistical analysis and many others that have become almost common words in everyday language. However, probably not all of them have had the opportunity to assist, through the relevant references, to the… 2006

Papers that shaped Pharmacoepidemiology

Pharmacoepidemiology, the application of epidemiological methods and data to evaluate the use and effects of therapeutics, finds itself at a crucial moment. For a long time, pharmacoepidemiology studies have served an important role in evaluating the safety of therapeutic agents as used in the population. Now, therapeutic risk management initiatives across the world have started… 2006

De Boer, A. XI Esteve Foundation Symposium. Nuevas oportunidades en el tratamiento de las enfermedades del sistema nervioso central. Actualidad en Farmacología y Terapéutica 2005; 3:133-135

This is a summary of the Esteve Foundation's 11th symposium Drug transport(ers) and the diseased brain published in the spanish journal Actualidad en Farmacología y Terapéutica. Albert G. de Boer, from Division of Pharmacology of the Leiden-Amsterdam Center for Drug Research, chaired this symposium and is the author of this paper. 2005

Bosch F, Morales P. Necesidades formativas de los miembros de Comités Éticos de Investigación Clínica. ICB Digital 2005; 37:2-5

This article, published in the electronic journal ICB Digital, gathers the results of surveys performed with students attending initiation seminars on how Clinical Research Ethics Committees (CREC) operate, organized by the Esteve Foundation since 2001. These courses have been held throughout Spain on six occasions, and have led to different conclusions. One issue is identifying… 2005

CIDRM. Requisits d’uniformitat dels manuscrits presentats a revistes biomèdiques: redacció i edició de publicacions biomèdiques (i 2). Ann Med (Barc) 2005; 88:59-65

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish and Catalan. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in this site default language. You may click one of the links to switch the site language to another available language.Desde la Fundación Dr. Antonio Esteve se ha impulsado la traducción de este… 2005