El ensayo clínico como tarea cooperativa

The intention of this Dr. Antonio Esteve’s Monograph is to vindicate clinical trials as essentially cooperative tasks involving a multitude of people from very different disciplines, as compared to the scientist’s individuality –which is more and more a matter of the past. Indeed, a clinical trial with a given drug is not a task performed… 1992

Periodismo científico. Un simposio internacional

In 1990, the science team of the newspaper La Vanguardia and the Esteve Foundation decided to organize an international symposium where the relationships between science, press and society would be approached, particularly the problems arising between journalism and biomedical sciences. Obviously enough, today’s communication is a key element in scientific research and reaches not only specialized journals… 1991

Metodología del ensayo clínico

Clinical trials are experimental studies performed in patients or healthy volunteers to assess the efficacy and safety of drugs or other therapeutical procedures. It differs from clinical observation in data collection and in the need for comparison of results with another reference or control group. As from 1982, the authorization by the Spanish General Direction… 1991

The clinical pharmacology of biotechnology products

Marcus M. Reidenberg, from the Department of Pharmacology and Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine of Cornell University (New York), edited this volume number 4 of the Esteve Foundation Symposia series. The new molecular and cell biology techniques provide different opportunities to develop new agents for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases. Clinical pharmacologists,… 1991

Biotecnología de aplicación farmacéutica

The advances in biotechnology are due to the better knowledge of the nature of live organisms and to the technological capacity developed to alter their genetic information. The aim of the round table organized by the Esteve Foundation in 1989 and of this publication was to analyze the scientific development of biotechnology in the pharmaceutical… 1991