The Esteve Foundation Notebooks may include either a series of articles published in a scientific journal which –with the copyright owner’s permission– are intended to be diffused elsewhere or, for example, the content of a meeting not directly organized by the Foundation that otherwise might find difficulties in being published. These booklets also gather the content of special meetings sponsored by the Foundation which do not correspond to the round table format. Because of the origin of their content, notebooks are published in the original language.

The Esteve Foundation Notebooks are distributed free of charge to university libraries and research institutions throughout Spain. You can order a hard copy of the publication by clicking on Request publication (subject to availability). For easy access to the content in PDF you must register before at the top menu.


The visibility of Spanish female scientists

Male scientific sources quoted by the Spanish press triple the number of female sources: this is one of the conclusions of the studyThe visibility of Spanish female scientists, prepared by the Grupo de Estudios Avanzados de Comunicación (GEAC) – Group of Advanced Communication Studies – ofUniversidad Rey Juan Carlos, which has just been published by…


Medicine in Television Series

What do medical professionals think of TV series depicting their discipline? Eighteen authors analyze series such as House M.D., CSI, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead from the viewpoint of their field of study. They do so in Medicine in Television Series, published by the Dr. Antonio Esteve Foundation, based in Barcelona. The book is…


Philanthropy in research and innovation in biosciences

In our country, philanthropy is taking on more importance in the field of research, similarly to our environment, where it is the first beneficiary of donations, maintaining strong growth. In countries such as France and Italy, philanthropy represents between 2 and 3% of total income of research, with 600 and 930 M€. In the United…


Definición de prioridades en las políticas de salud

What priorities should a government have in its health policies? Twelve experts in public health provide Spanish politicians with a roadmap to draw up the most effective policy in improving public health. Coordinated by the ex-director general of public health Ildefonso Hernández and published by the Esteve Foundation, the book Definición de prioridades en las políticas…


Eponímica mèdica catalana III

Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Medicine is full of terms that originate from people who played a decisive role in its discovery, or places and institutions from where they were identified. Elena Guardiola and Josep-Eladi Baños, of the department of experimental sciences and health of Universidad Pompeu Fabra, present the latest volume of the…


La medicina en las series de televisión

¿Qué opinión tienen los profesionales de la medicina sobre las series que abordan su disciplina? Dieciocho autores analizan series como House, CSI, Breaking Bad o The Walking Dead desde la perspectiva de su campo de estudio. Lo hacen en La medicina en las series de televisión, un nuevo cuaderno de la Fundación Dr. Antonio Esteve…